Artisan School of Massage
An immersive massage & bodywork learning space in the heart of the city

I am a lifelong learner, both as a student and teacher. So I opened the Artisan School of Massage, AKA the "Massage Lab," in 2018 to be able to have the space to teach more students and host other teachers to learn more myself. It is a beautiful 900 sq ft dedicated teaching space in Lower Queen Anne. This is where I hold most of my workshops and classes, and where I welcome others to share their knowledge, passion and skills with the world.

Room Rental Prices

The standard rental rate for the room is $20 per hour up to $200 for the entire day (6:00 AM to Midnight) with some discounts for multiple day rentals.

1 to 9 Hours - $20 per hour (up to $200, then...)

1 Full Day Rental - $200

3 Full Day Rentals - $175 per day
5 Full Day Rentals - $150 per day
7 Full Day Rentals - $125 per day

3623 34th Ave West, Seattle, WA 98199

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