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My Massage & Bodywork

I specialize in creating personalized massage and bodywork experiences for my clients. I blend several different styles (Myofascial Release, Deep Lomi, Structural Integration, Thai Stretching, Hot Yoga, Relaxation Response...) into my Primal Flow Massage Sessions to provide you with a profoundly relaxing and effective massage experience.​

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Continuing Education

I am a Nationally Approved NCBTMB provider of Continuing Education for licensed massage therapists and practitioners. My goal is to create workshops and classes that truly inform, challenge and inspire massage therapists to move beyond their current therapeutic skill sets and understandings. I also want to foster a community of lifelong learners to immerse myself in. 


Couples Massage Workshops

In addition to teaching licensed massage therapists, I also teach couples and individuals how to give world-class massages. I have several different small group workshops for couples and individuals in addition to offering private lessons.

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Reimagining What is Possible...

The possibilities for massage, bodywork, and human touch are infinite but largely undiscovered. I want to show the world what is possible and share my vision for re-imagining massage and bodywork into a breathtaking art form and healing dance...

About Me

I am a curious explorer of how intentional touch and bodywork can transform the body, mind and soul...both my own and my clients'.   

Professionally I am a Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Educator of Infant Massage, Nationally Approved  Massage Instructor, Certified Ashiatsu DeepFeet Bar Therapist®, Certified Phenomenal Touch Practitioner® and I absolutely love what I do!

Originally I got interested in body work as a professional MMA fighter. Obviously your body takes quite a beating as a professional fighter- what is not so obvious is that your mind and soul are challenged to their limits as well. So during these years I sought out many different bodywork styles and relaxation practices.

Through these experiences, my education and years of practice I have been able to combine the best techniques from several different bodywork modalities and relaxation practices into my current massage practice, which provides for a unique, therapeutic, and unbelievably relaxing massage experience.

About My Amazing team...

I have opened up a second practice in Fremont with some incredible therapists just 5 miles from my Magnolia space. We want to challenge everything we think we know about what massage is and what massage can be. I hand-picked some of the most amazing, creative, and inspiring massage therapists that I have taught or worked with in the last 10 years and created a space where they can be truly creative and do their best work without the limitations of suffocating corporate structures or bland assembly line approaches that are dominating our industry.

If you are used to my work, you will recognize a lot of it in the massages that you receive at Massage Reimagined but each of the therapists there have their own styles, techniques, and philosophies, so you will receive something both familiar and different every time you come in!

About You...

You are the most important part of your massage experience. I create every massage specifically for you and your state of being on the day of your massage. This means that each session can be very different. To this end, it is important that I know as much about you, your body, and your physical goals as possible. To that end I have a pretty comprehensive intake form that I ask you to complete to make sure that you get the best massage experience possible every time you come in!

My Therapeutic Massage Intake Form

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