Full Chest and Breast Massage

I offer full chest and breast massage for all clients, regardless of gender,  because it is in my professional scope of practice, extremely healthy, and feels great! If you would feel more comfortable with a female practitioner, I can also refer you to some great female massage therapists who offer full chest and breast massage. Either way, please read on to explore some of the more compelling whys, whats and hows behind this offering.

My Full Chest/Breast Massage Is...

By Specific Request Only
I will ask you on my intake form if you want any part of your chest included in your massage. If you decide yes, I will make sure that we are both very clear on what parts of your chest you want included and what kind of massage you want in this area. 


Not Always About the Breasts

When I teach classes on full-chest and breast massage to other massage therapists, one of the firsts points that I make is that working around and on the breasts is not always primarily about the breasts. That is why I refer to this work as full chest massage because by being able to work freely in this area primarily allows me to do some amazing work on the upper thorax, pectoral muscles, ribs and shoulders.

I work with the full chest and breasts in a way that I hope normalizes this area as another wonderful, but normal part of your body. I want the work on your chest and/or breasts to feel like an integrated part of your entire massage. I do not offer this work to eroticize or sexualize you, your body or your massage experience.


As Modest Or As Free You Want

You can wear any clothing that you want or nothing at all. You can have your chest undraped or I can work on your chest over over the sheet or towel. My personal preference is to work directly on the skin like the rest of the massage but only if my client is very comfortable with me doing so. However, I do not need to undrape the chest to work directly on your skin. I can work under a sheet or towel and still effectively integrate my massage between the stomach, chest, shoulders and neck. I also have other ways to keep the work as modest as possible such as nipple covers, disposable chest covers etc.

Why Get Full Chest/Breast Massage?

My first answer to why is because the chest and the breasts are part of your body. I offer a full-body massage. I do not like neglecting any non-sexual part of the body. I work as deeply and generously in the armpits, groin, toes, stomachs, and chests as my client's bodies and sensibilities will allow. It has never felt natural to me to do a some-parts-only-but-definitely-not-those-parts massage, and it feels incongruous to say that massage is healthy and wonderful for the back and biceps but not for a deep groin muscle, the lower abdomen, or smaller pectoral muscles. 


In addition, it feels amazing to have your stomach, rib cage and chest worked on without worrying about incidental or even purposeful contact with breast tissue. In my massage and bodywork sessions, I integrate my full chest and breast work with the rest of the massage and make it just as amazing, yummy and effective as everything else. I also do this as much as possible in my massage sessions that are intentionally focused on breast health. Many clients describe the more inclusive work as “freeing” or “totally complete” and they are able to get relief that they did not know was possible.

How I Integrate Full Chest/Breast

work in to my massage

There are so many wonderful ways to integrate full chest and/or breast massage into your massage session as well as to separate it from a full-body massage. Ultimately, you decide on how your body, including your chest and/or breasts are massaged. You decide on what areas of the chest are appropriate to include and/or what areas you want to exclude. No breast tissue, some breast tissue, all breast tissue except areolae and nipples or the entire breasts. You can change your mind whenever you want to in terms of limiting touch and before any session in terms of expanding touch (I do not like to expand the boundaries set before the massage while we are in the massage session and some decisions require written consent.)

I take a couple of different approaches to how I work on the chest and/or breast tissue. They are always based on how you want to experience the work. One of the ways that I have found helpful is to think of more in terms of what you want my “attitude” towards your chest and/or breasts (or any body part really) to be for any given massage session. We can define any attitude or intention that you want for your massage, but the attitudes below provide a pretty comprehensive range.


Holistic and Integrated (or Inclusive but Indifferent): In this approach, I will integrate the entire body in such a way that you should not notice the massage done on your chest any differently than the rest of your body. The focus is more neuromuscular than on the actual breast tissue and does not focus on the soft breast tissue nor purposefully avoid it.


Inclusive and Flowing: In this approach, I will integrate the entire body and include flowing and generous attention to the areas of your chest that you selected. The focus here is liberation and full movement of the chest and all of the surrounding structures. It is muscular, connective tissue, neural, lymphatic and sometimes emotionally or energetically centered depending on your specific request or needs.

Therapeutic but Integrated: In this approach, I integrate the entire body but make sure that my work on and/or around your breasts feels very "clinical" or "therapeutic only". The work will feel very specific, purposeful and therapeutic. The focus here is on making sure that you have a very specific therapeutic protocol performed on your breast and surrounding tissues/lymph.


Therapeutic and Seperate: In this approach, you decide on what areas of the chest are appropriate to include and/or what areas you want to exclude and then I give you a very specific therapeutic breast massage that is specifically differentiated from the rest of the massage. The most common reasons for choosing this approach are post surgical recovery, lactation issues and lymphatic related issues. Sometimes you just don’t have the time or money for a full-body massage. I do have a wonderful 30 minute Neck, Shoulders and Chest Treatment that can be adapted for your needs. 

The bottom Line...

I realize that this can be a very personal subject area and it can significantly challenge all of our boundaries in terms of touch, intimacy and modesty (and by “all of our” I mean clients and therapists and closely associated third parties). That is why it is important to at least start the conversations. As for my contribution to the conversation, I do integrative work that addresses the chest and breasts as a non-sexual part of the body that can benefit from massage just as much as any other part of the body. I provide numerous options to customize this type of massage, from the specific tissue you want addressed, to how you would like that tissue worked on and how you would like the draping, etc. 


If anything about having your chest and/or breasts included in your massage but you are not sure how to proceed, feel free to contact me anyway that works for you. I can fully customize your massage so it fits within your comfort and modesty boundaries. In my eyes, it's simply another area of the body that could benefit from massage and I love that I can offer it to those looking for it.  

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