Bodywork Experiences

There are some experiences, therapies and training that I provide that just do not fit into the sometimes narrow definition of licensed therapeutic massage (either by state regulations or national association standards). Some are as simple as suggesting stretches and nutrition (as I do under my Certified Personal Trainer credentials), giving life advice, or actively working through issues that might be both physiological and cognitive (as I do under my Life Coaching credentials) or doing energy work which is not considered massage by the State of Washington. Others are more complicated as they may look similar to techniques that a licensed massage therapist might use like in my Primal Unwinding, Positive Touch Re-patterning and similar activities. 


These fall under my Non-Licensed Bodywork Category. I am in the process of creating a separate website for these experiences to help separate them from my Licensed Massage Therapy practice. I am including some brief descriptions below so you can get an idea of what these are.  Please contact me personally if you are interested in any of these experiences. 

Positive touch Repatterning

So many forms of touch are distorted by traumatic events, negative experiences and even by well-meaning caregivers that do not introduce us to touch in an intentionally affirmative way. I use Positive Touch Repatterning to help my clients -individuals and couples- redefine their relationship with different types of touch.

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Primal Unwinding

Primal Unwinding is a one-of-a-kind interactive form of bodywork where the goal is to get in touch with and respond to the primal needs of our bodies, nervous systems and emotional network- in other words, our primal selves. It is powerful, profound, and unlike anything that most of us have ever experienced before.

Nurturing Touch

Nurturing Touch focuses on finding things that we have lost along the way, or just wish we had more of in our daily lives . I do this through intentionally nurturing, affirming, and safe touch. Nurturing Touch Bodywork sessions allow us to dig deeper into our emotional, relational, and other non-physical needs than the Nurturing Touch that I incorporate into my Licensed Therapeutic Massage Sessions.

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