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Let Us Introduce You To...

Nurturing Touch

Nurturing Touch focuses on much more than muscular and neural physiology. It goes deeper than therapeutic massage and incorporates other healing modalities and energies as well. So you can have nurturing touch incorporated into your therapeutic massage session or you can choose to experience Nurturing Touch in a non-therapeutic bodywork session (which can be confusing, so please talk with us about this if you have any questions).

Regardless of which type of session you choose, Nurturing Touch is a much deeper level of touch than any soft or deep tissue muscular work. It is slower, more luxurious, and infused with intentional non-verbal communication. Nurturing touch is calming, slow, and very patient. The strokes are languid and lingering. It has the intention of making the client feel as relaxed and complete as they can in this moment. It is non-judgmental and accepts the client as they are without needing to change them. 

Because of the personalized nature of these sessions and the need for a higher level of mutual trust and awareness between the therapist and the client, we like to do a more thorough intake session with you. We can do that right before your massage, on the phone, or even by email if you prefer.  Make sure to let us know that you are interested in a Nurturing Touch Massage or Bodywork Session when you make your appointment so that we can help you plan properly for your session.

If you are considering a Nurturing Touch Session but you are not sure if it is right for you or if you just have additional questions; please feel free to schedule a complimentary consultation with us to help find out if it is right for you.