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Thai Massage Seattle

Shock and Awe Meets Ooh and Ahh!

Thai Yoga Massage with Joe

Traditional Thai Massage has been practiced in more or less its present form for at least 1,000 years. One of the reasons for this is that the stretches and combined compressions that come from Thai Massage are profound and effective! Traditional Thai Massage consists of dynamic stretches combined with rhythmic compressions, gentle rocking motion, and breath work. The traditional dynamic Thai massage stretches and combined compressions are known for balancing your energy, calming your nervous system and helping to increase your range of motion as well as your capacity for muscular strength. But that is just where things got started for me....

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I Started With Thai Yoga Sessions
I started by offering traditional floor-based Thai Massage sessions to professional dancers and athletes. They loved the work and got tremendous results. I then made the work more dynamic and responsive by incorporating yoga-like stretches and some techniques from my Jiu Jitsu experience. These sessions focused on working with and through different body movements. I found my Thai Yoga sessions helped balance the body/person neurologically, energetically and spiritually. 

A typical Thai Yoga Massage session is done on the floor on a special Thai Massage Mat that provides for comfort and mobility during the session. You remain clothed for your session in loose-fitting clothing like pajamas or sweat pants (yoga pants work too). During the session I work to create an experience that is challenging for your body, but calming for your nervous system. When you are finished you should feel refreshed, invigorated and very relaxed!. 

Inspired by one of my students, I am now offering a full-body Thai Yoga Massage/Deep Lomi Fusion on the floor (Thai Mat). It is the perfect blend of soft tissue work, mobilizations, stretching and movement. Contact me for more information.

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I Moved To The Table...

Then I started integrating my Thai Massage stretches and compressions into my table massage sessions and things got real interesting real quick. I call this the, "Shock and Awe meets Ooh and Ahh" period of my work. My professional dancers loved the work and many said that it was the only massage they could find that would both challenge them and relax them at the same time.  Then I started offering it to all of my athletic clients and mobility restricted clients as well with equally impressive and enjoyable results.  

Then It All Came Together With My Thai Lomi Fusion

As you will read in other parts of my site, the best parts of my work always seem to come together and merge into these beautiful flows that are also profoundly effective. That is what is happened with my Thai Massage, Deep Lomi Style and Primal Flow; they merged into my Thai Lomi Fusion.


Even as I tried to keep these as separate styles on my website and offer them as separate treatments, they resisted my efforts and proved to be too useful to each other to keep them apart. So I relented, tried to erase the distinctions in my mind, played with their form and function, and finally refined how the worked with each other and complemented each other. 

Now I use my Thai Lomi Fusion just as readily with a client that wants to completely relax but still feel a little challenged as well as with the client who wants to have one of the most invigorating, challenging and therapeutically effective massages of their life. Either way, you will have an unparalleled experience!

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