Welcome to Touch Factor Massage & Bodywork by Joe Lavin. I strive to make my bodywork as relaxing as it is therapeutic. I blend several different styles (Myofascial Release, Deep Lomi, Structural Integration, Thai Stretching, Hot Yoga, Relaxation Response...) into my massage to provide you with a profoundly relaxing and effective massage experience.

Because of the intensity and uniqueness of my work, I usually see no more than two or three clients a day, to make sure that I can give you the best massage experience possible. I also leave you plenty of time after your massage to relax on the table or freshen up in a private bathroom with a shower.

So please come and visit me in my very warm, comfortable and relaxing Seattle (Magnolia) location when you need to get away for awhile....


Joe Lavin LMP, CPT
Cell: (206) 817-5896
Email: Joe@TouchFactorMassage.com
Washington State License #MA60233907
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World Massage Championships 2018

I have been invited to be a judge at the 2018 World Massage Championships in Copenhagen. I competed in them last year along with three of my students and our styles of massage and bodywork were so unique that the judges did not have a standard to judge us against. They asked me to judge to help them understand our beautiful, flowing and client-connected style. They are even thinking of creating a new category for our style of massage!