Below are a couple of video examples of my bodywork and teaching. You can see more of my videos of my work and my teaching on my YouTube Channel. Please read my video disclaimer and copyright information before attempting any of these techniques.

Here is a video of some lower body work with a focus on the anterior and posterior hip, adductors and iliopsoas and stomach. Clients really enjoy my Deep Lomi approach to these areas because it allows me to do very deep work that is also very relaxing and comfortable.

Here is a video of some neck work that I consider pretty light and relaxation oriented.

I got to do some four-handed massage demonstrations with my mother at a recent Deep Lomi Retreat and had a wonderful time. Her name is Rebecca Lavin and she is a wonderful massage therapist practicing in Redmond Washington. You can learn more about her at:

This is one of the first video shoots that I attempted. My style has changed a lot since then, but you can see the origins of my work starting to take place…

Here are a couple of videos from a Thai Stretching (Thai Yoga Massage)