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Signature Experiences

For Couples...

The best date night ever! Or, because there is no rule as to what a couple must be (and we have no expectations regarding this), just a great way to relax and be pampered with a lover, friend, sibling, or even your mom. No matter who you bring, we promise that you will have a wonderfully relaxing and renewing experience.

Couple's Massage Reimagined

Massage Reimagined Couples Massage

Take a much needed break with your partner and relax together while you both receive an amazing massage. You can choose to have our reimagined version of a standard couple's massage (two separate tables in the same room) at our location or yours...or you can try one of our specialized offerings below. After those choices you can relax...the rest is up to us.

Pillow Talk Couple's Massage®

Pillow Talk Couples Massage Still Moment

Immerse yourself in a couples’ massage created specifically so that couples could actually enjoy their experiences together, in real time. It allows you to stay connected and truly share your massage experience instead of getting massaged near - but separate from -  your partner. With the Pillow Talk Couples Massage® you will get a massage on the same (custom-designed) table as your partner. This is truly the ultimate getaway for coming together and experiencing something beautiful with your partner. 
To receive your Pillow Talk Couples Massage, you and your partner will start by laying on your sides next to each other on a special massage table with a body pillow between you. This allows you to face each other so you can focus on this quality time with your partner while each of your individual massage therapists focus on helping you both relax, together. Soon you will forget about the world outside as your amazing massage therapists help to release your tension and facilitate the one-of-a-kind energy created between you and your partner through this unique bodywork experience.

Interactive Couple's Massage Experience

Joe & Laura Four Hand Massage _MXRI 010.

An Interactive Couple's Massage is like a four handed massage (where one person receives a massage from two massage therapists at the same time) BUT your friend or partner is one of the people giving you the massage...with the very close guidance of one of our Couple's Massage about half of the cost of a normal four-hand massage! This is a really popular choice for couple's who have attended one of our Power of Touch Couple's Massage Workshops

It is a great way to indulge in one of the most luxurious massage experiences available while your friend or partner learns how to give you a massage at the same time. You can read the description about a traditional Four Hand Massage here. This can be a a learning experience for the partner that is giving the massage or a lavish treat for the partner receiving the massage...or a little of both.