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In our Deep Lomi and Primal Flow sessions we use our hands, forearms, elbows, triceps and even our shoulders to facilitate extremely long and luxurious full-body strokes that integrate the entire body and do not force us to work on specific areas in isolation of others. We literally work on your entire body at the same time for pretty much your entire massage...and we are often more focused on your nervous system than any particular muscle...which gives you an amazing full body massage experience.


Our Deep Lomi and Primal Flows are profoundly relaxing while at the same time being profoundly deep. This is because by following the primal flow and needs of your body, you get exactly what you need. Each massage is tailored to your needs for that session so that you can have the best massage experience possible. No two massages are exactly the same, even with the same client. Every massage gets a little better than the last one as your body begins to trust the process and lets go a little more....


Our Nurturing Touch and Deep Lomi Massage is designed so that your relaxation is so complete that you surrender physically, mentally and emotionally, which allows your body to move beyond the limits that it would otherwise adhere to. Anticipation is replaced with acceptance. Muscle guarding is greatly reduced, if not completely eliminated and then the magic really happens. There are these moments where you are transported to a place of complete relaxation and surrender...


One of the best outcomes of our style of massage is that is extremely effective physically, neurologically and even emotionally. Our Primal Flow and Deep Lomi Flows combined with some of the best therapeutic tissue mobilization techniques has several profound effects on the neuromuscular system; decreasing muscle tension and spasm, increasing range of motion in the joints and breaking the neuro-physical and neuro-emotional patterns that we tend to hold on so tightly to...but we do not have to traumatize your body to get the results that you want.

Our Styles

Deep Lomi Massage

Our self-created Deep Lomi style of massage is one of the main things that separates our work from just about any other massage experience you can find. Our Deep Lomi Massage is generous, lavish and extremely effective. It truly is one of a kind  and needs to be experienced to be understood.

Thai Massage

Shock and Awe meets Ooh and Ahh! Although originally performed on the floor, we can integrate powerful Thai Massage based Stretching and Compression techniques into our table based sessions in order to provide you with one of the most dynamic and effective massages possible.

Nurturing Touch 

Nurturing Touch Massage and Bodywork focuses on much more than muscular and neural physiology. It goes much deeper than therapeutic massage and incorporates other healing modalities and energies as well. It is a much deeper level of touch. Slower, more luxurious and with more intentional communication that you are important, safe and deserve to really relax. Read More...


We love cupping but our cupping therapy is a little different than most traditional cupping practitioners. First of all, we use Soft Silicone Cups for our cupping instead of fire cupping with glass cups. Second, we incorporate cupping directly into our massage and move the cups along with our massage strokes. Read More...

FAQs and Thoughts

Must Experience

It is nearly impossible to describe our work in words. This is because it is so many things at the same time and our work changes so much from person to person. Our Deep Lomi Massage is profoundly relaxing while at the same time being very deep. Each massage is tailored to each individual client so that you can have the best massage experience possible. No two massages are exactly the same, even with the same client. Every massage is better than the last one. A little more relaxing, a little deeper here a little lighter there….

Session Length

We recommend at least 90 minutes for a really good, full body massage. This is primarily because it is just too hard to do the full body justice in only an hour. However, we will warn you that once you have tried a 90 minute session, it is very difficult to ever feel satisfied with a 60 minute session. Many of our clients get regular two hour massages and some enjoy our three hour massage/relaxation experience. That being said, if you only have an hour available for your massage we will do our best to make it one of the best hours of your life!


We allow plenty of time after your massage for you to linger in the bliss of your massage experience. To extend and deepen your relaxation. You can just relax on the table in one of our very warm and comfortable massage rooms, enjoy a hot shower or even take an Epsom salt bath in a private bathroom. We have found that many of our clients have significantly appreciated this extra time and that some have had very meaningful experiences during this time as well.

Quality vs Quantity

We try to limit the number of massages that we give each day to make sure that you get the best massage experience possible. None of us like to do more than three or four massages a day.  The main reasons for this is that we like to do longer sessions and we put a lot of effort, physical and mental, into every massage to make it the best experience possible and that just is not going to happen if we are giving eight massages a day…

Draping and Modesty

The draping for our Deep Lomi massage can be less modest than the draping that most conventional western massages require. This is because we work on several different parts of the body at the same time, not just specific areas in isolation. For example, when you are on your stomach; the back, sides of the glutes and the legs will be uncovered so the therapist can work all of them together. Please take a look at the draping guidelines page as well as my New Client Intake Form for more information.

Full Chest and Breast

Full chest and breast massage is within our scope as massage therapists as long as we have had the extra education required, which we have. So we are able to offer full chest and breast massage for all of our clients, male or female, who ask for it because it is extremely healthy, often necessary and really feels great when done well.  Either way, Click Here to learn some of the compelling whys, whats and hows behind full chest and breast massage. Read More...

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